Vital Khai Review – A Herbal Solution To Boost Performance

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Vital Khai is a male enhancement supplement with a different approach compared to other supplements.

No longer is it a question about remembering swallowing your capsules in the mornings, for then to wait a couple of weeks before they take effect.

Vital Khai Male Enhancement with instant effect

With Vital Khai, you will get completely different approach! Here you swallow a whole bottle of Vital Khai’s, containing ten capsules.

One hour later you will be ready to conquer the bedroom with confidence, pure and simple.

Does it sound like a lot? It really isn’t. It is an efficient way to get an almost instant boost in your libido and stamina, getting your ready for a sexual act.

Benefits Using Vital Khai

Let’s take a quick look at some of the benefits you will get from using Vital Khai?

  • Get an almost instant male enhancement effect
  • Increase libido, stamina, and vitality
  • Raise your levels of energy
  • Get better erections that will last longer
  • Improve your orgasms and ejaculation
  • Lower your levels of toxins that prevent sexual energy
  • Also, protect your immune system and cholesterol levels

How Vital Khai Works and Will Help You

So, exactly how is Vital Khai going to help you taking care of your sexual health?

Getting an Almost Instant Male Enhancing Effect

It is what makes Vital Khai stand out compared to many other male enhancement supplements. They, way to have to use this supplement is different to what we have seen earlier, and it is a good thing.

The Vital Khai’s ability to be fast acting is good because you can “get ready” within an hour. Using other male enhancement supplements, it will take weeks.

Get Better Libido, Stamina and Raised Levels of Energy

Having low levels of testosterone can cause lack of stamina, libido, and energy. It will have a negative influence on your sex life causing it to stall. You don’t want that to happen, especially not if you are in a relationship.

Vital Khai will help you to take care of this problem and help you to get your stamina back.

Give you better erections and make them last longer

There is nothing worse than not being able to get an erection when you have it right in front of you. There can be many different reasons for lack of erections, but most important is to get it fixed as comfortable as possible.

Vital Khai helps you to get better erections that will last longer by improving your nitric oxide levels. When they are higher, you will get better blood flow and be able to carry more blood to your male hood and other areas.

Because the blood flow is higher and better, you will also be able to maintain your erections for a longer time.

Getting Rid of Toxins That Prevents a Healthy Sex Life

Another point where Vital Khai stands out. Here you are getting ingredients in the form of antioxidants that will flush out the toxins that prevent you from having a healthy sex life.

On top of that, you will also get immune boosting ingredients that also will benefit your cholesterol levels.

Vital Khai male enhancement in a box

Vital Khai Ingredients

Let’s have a closer look at some of the ingredients and see what they will do for you.

Ginseng Root

Ginseng has been used in Chinese medicine for centuries and is also called “man root.” It will boost your energy levels and improve your libido and stamina. Ginseng will also help you to stay focused and concentrated if you want to flirt with a woman before sexual intercourse. Second, Ginseng root is also a great supplement to improve blood sugar and to get your cholesterol levels back on track.


Garlic is a natural aphrodisiac that will help you to improve your nitro oxide levels and give you a better blood flow to your muscles and male hood. It will provide you with better erections that will last longer.

Q10 From Black Pepper

With Vital Khai, it is not so much about the pepper; it is about the Q10 enzyme you are getting with pepper. It will help you to improve your overall blood flow and increase your levels of several minerals including the vital zinc, for your semen and testosterone production.

L-Citrulline From Watermelon

Again, here we do not care so much about the watermelon but the levels of the important L-Citrulline. It is a precursor to L-Arginine a compound that helps you to stimulate your nitric oxide production and improve your blood flow, giving you better erections. In Vital Khai, L-Citrulline is important because it will extend the length of your erections. When Citrulline you will get more enjoyable sex because ejaculations and erections will not become a concern.

Citrus and Antioxidants

Citrus is very important to your health, not only because of vitamin c but also because of all the antioxidants you are getting. Antioxidants will strengthen your sexual health and immune system and make it more enjoyable. Antioxidants help you to get rid of free radicals, which are toxins flowing in your body. Free radicals not only makes you unhealthy, but they also limit your sexual libido and stamina.

Vital Review Summary

Swallowing capsules are annoying, especially if you have to wait for months, before seeing any results. So, we like the idea about a male enhancement supplement that gives you an almost instant effect swallowing a bottle of smaller capsules, quickly before you are going to have some fun.

But, I am disappointed with the choice of ingredients. Many of them are standard household products that you can buy at your local store. Why pay extra to get them in a supplement?

Also, I will also like to have seen a couple of extra ingredients like a testosterone booster. However, I do know that creating an instant effect on many male enhancing ingredients are impossible.

Vital Khai Verdict
  • Overall - 4/10
  • Effectiveness - 3/10
  • Ease of Use - 9/10
  • Safety - 9/10
  • Price - 6/10


– An innovative solution for using supplements
– Gives you an almost instant effect
– Free trial available
– Made in the United States

– No evaluation from the FDA
– We raise questions regarding the effects of the ingredients
– Will like to see more male enhancing ingredients

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