Testomenix Muscle Builder – Does It Solve Your Muscle Building Issues?

Testomenix Muscle Builder is a supplement that has been developed to help guys who are struggling to build lean muscles, strength, and are having issues with their athletic performance.

It is done by taking care of two vital functions responsible for your muscle building, your testosterone, and your nitric oxide levels. Raising these levels will ensure that your body is primed for muscle building and that your muscles get the building blocks it needs for recovery and growth.

Testomenix Muscle Builder Review

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With Testomenix you are getting the unique FlowViv Max-Test proprietary blend that consists of well-proven ingredients that will take your muscle building up to the next level.

But does this muscle builder and testosterone booster really work? It is what we are going to take a closer look at in our Testomenix review. Here we are going to reveal everything you want to know about Testomenix and what it can do for you.

Benefits Using Testomenix

For guys who want to get better results in the gym and for men who want to increase their libido and stamina for a better male health, there is a lot of benefits to getting using Testomenix. Below you will see a couple of the major advantages.

  • Improve muscle building and get bigger
  • Increase your levels of strength
  • Boost your energy levels and performance
  • Enhance your athletic performance and endurance
  • Increase libido, stamina, and sex drive
  • Improve your production of male hormones such as testosterone

Who Testomenix is For

Testomenix is mainly for two types of men. Guys who want to get more out of their muscle building in the gym. And the ones who want to improve male health and get a better sex life.

Let’s have a close look at the categories of men who will benefit the most of using Testomenix.

Not Seeing Any Results From Your Workouts

Are you working hard to pack on some lean muscles and strength? You know for sure that your diet and protein consumption is right? But still, you do not see any good results?

If yes, then Testomenix is for you! It will help you to increase your levels of testosterone, so more hormones are available to build lean muscles.

Also, Testomenix will increase your blood flow so more nutrients will be flowing out to your muscles.

You Are Just Starting Out Building Lean Muscles

The first period in the gym is often the worst. Here you are the skinny, insecure guy, that feels intimidated by the bigger guys in the gym.

Here Testomenix will optimize and give you some faster results. It means you don’t have to be the newbie in the gym for that long. You just have to be sure to eat correctly and train hard.

You Have Been Training For a While And Want to Optimize Your Performance

Perhaps you want to run a cycle where you pay some extra attention to your workouts for a period?

Here Testomenix will give the right tools to boost your muscle building. It will make sure that nothing is wasted and that your nutrients, oxygen, and blood are delivered straight into your muscles for maximum impact.

You Want to Improve Your Male Health Condition

There are mainly two ways to pay attention to and to focus on when improving male health.

The first one is the condition of your hormones like Testosterone. The other one is the condition of your blood flow, to for example your penis.

Testomenix carries ingredients that help you with both issues so that you will feel significant changes to your male health quite fast.

You Want to Improve Libido, Stamina and Get Your Sex Drive Back

Especially older men will enjoy the benefits Testomenix is going to give you. You are going to get a unique blend of ingredients that will help you to get your libido, stamina, and sex drive. Some of the ingredients even contain aphrodisiac enhancing capabilities, meaning that you want to have sex more. These skills will also make you more attractive to potential partners.

How Testomenix Works and Will Help You

Testomenix mainly works in two different areas that will help you significantly when it comes to your male health and your muscle building.

Increase and Optimize Your Testosterone Levels

Testosterone is what you want when building lean muscles and strength. Having proper levels of free testosterone and that your body can produce the amount you need is what will make you build lean muscles or fail in the gym.

Sexual and Male Health

Also when it comes to your male and sexual health are proper levels of this hormone necessary. It is the hormone that develops us, to become men and carry out our duties as men.

Testomenix carries a couple of ingredients that will boost your testosterone levels and make your life easier as a man.

Improve Your Blood Flow and Create Higher Levels of Nitric Oxide

Proper blood flow and nitric oxide levels are also significant to your muscle building, but also your athletic performance and endurance.

An important task for you is to ensure your levels are up and running. It will benefit so much when it comes to your muscle building and sports.

Your Health and Sex Life

The better blood flow you have, the more sexual pleasure are you going to get. A good blood flow and nitric oxide levels will develop your corpora cavernosal area in your penis. It will expand the champers to hold more blood and develop your nervous system for better orgasms.

Testomenix comes with ingredients that will raise your nitric oxide levels and make significant improvements to your blood flow.


The Testomenix ingredients you are going to get is a powerful combination of ingredients carefully chosen to give you the best possible results. They have collected been collected under the name FlowViv Max-Test blend.

Let’s have a quick look at them.

Horny Goat Weed

Horny Goat Weed will booth boost your testosterone levels and improve your blood flow. It is one of the major ingredients when we are talking muscle building, men’s health and sex life.

Tongkat Ali Extract 100:1 root

With Tongkat, you are getting another testosterone booster that will help Horny Goat Weed in improving your levels. You can see it as a backup plan to ensure that your T levels will go up.

Saw Palmetto Extract (fruit)

Saw Palmetto is a libido and stamina enhancer that will ensure your levels are going up. It carries similar effects as Viagra and is the preferred erectile dysfunction crusher by many natives in different areas of the world.

Orchic Substance

One more Testosterone boosting ingredients are you going to get with Orchic Substance. It derives from cattle testicles and has been proven to increase your testosterone levels.

Wild Yam Extract (root)

WIld Yam is the base in many steroids and will carry many of the same anabolic benefits but in a safer more natural edition. As a secondary benefit Wild Yam is also going to improve the quality of your semen, so you better watch out.

Sarsparilla Extract (root)

Another ingredient to take care of your male enhancement and improve your male and sexual health.

Nettle Extract (root)

Nettle Extract will help your body to release more free testosterone in your body. It will aid your body in absorbing testosterone better and get the most out of it.

Improvement of male functions, libido, and stamina are other benefits you will get using Nettle Extract.

Boron (as Boron Amino Acid Chelate)

Boron is the ingredient that will make this supplement stand out compared to competing supplements without Boron. This compound will absorb the other ingredients more efficiently into your body and increase the biological value of them. Shortly said, it makes the other ingredients more potent, so you are getting more out of using Testomenix.

As you can see, with Testomenix you are going to get quite a few ingredients that will help you with your muscle building and in the improvement of your male health.

How To Take The Testomenix Supplement

It is pretty straightforward to take Testomenix.

For guys who want to use it to build bigger and leaner muscles; take two capsules an hour before your workout. Get your capsules with a big glass of water and with a pre-workout meal, if you want.

On non-workout days; take your capsules in the morning before breakfast.

Using Testomenix for Your Male Health

Here, do the same as on non-workout days, just take two capsules in the morning, and you are ready.

Keep in mind that taking more capsules is not going to benefit you further. Instead, focus on improving your diet.

Combining Testomenix and NitroMenix

It can be extra beneficial combining Testomenix with NitroMenix if you for a period want to boost your No2 levels further. It will ensure that more nutrients will be pushed out to your muscles where it is highly needed for muscle growth and repair.

What Is NitroMenix?

NitroMenix is a nitro oxide supplement that comes with Arginine ingredients that will boost your blood flow and improve your No2 levels even further. It is a great supplement to use if you are extra serious about your muscle building and want to stand out.

You will be offered NitroMenix as an exclusive deal when signing up for TestoMenix.

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Testomenix Review Summary

Testomenix gives you a powerful combination of ingredients that can help you to improve your testosterone and nitric oxide levels, two important factors in your muscle building.

It is important to stress out that besides remembering taking your Testomenix capsules, you will have to be strict with your diet. Be sure to feed your body with the nutrients your muscles need. Also make sure to get plenty proteins, not only for your muscle but also for your testosterone production.

Let’s have a look at our overall verdict.

Our Testomenix Verdict
  • Overall - 8/10
  • Effectiveness - 8/10
  • Ease of Use - 8/10
  • Safety - 9/10
  • Price - 6/10


– Gives you a strong combination of ingredients
– Contain Boron to boost the effects of the ingredients
– Made in an FDA approved facility
– Made in The United States
– Free trial available

– No FDA evaluation of this product
– Premium supplements are not cheap
– We miss the ingredient Tribulus Terrestris

How to Buy Testomenix Muscle Builder

If you want to buy Testomenix, you will have to buy it directly from Testomenix. You guarantee that your supplement is genuine and not a fake product. Click here to learn more.

Testomenix Not Available At GNC, or Walmart

Please keep in mind that you cannot buy Testomenix anywhere online or at your local GNC store. Remember, it is still easy to buy Testomenix; you only have to do it by the official manufacturer.

But there is a special offer you may want to take advantage of. Take a look below.

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For a short time, you can get your own Testomenix free trial, so you too can feel the benefits of using this muscle builder.

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Testomenix Review and free trial offer

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