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My Beast Power Muscle EnhancerWhy even bother using a supplement like My Beast Power Muscle Enhancer when there are so many other supplements available today? Well, if you believe in “locker room” science, taking a supplement because someone knows, someones who took it and gained 20 pounds in eight weeks. Then go ahead look for something else?

Well, if you believe in “locker room” science, taking a supplement because someone knows, someones who took it and gained 20 pounds in eight weeks. Then go ahead look for something else!

However, if you believe in science and are looking for a supplement that can deliver results, well then My Power Beast might be something for you!

You see, My Beast Power Muscle Enhancer comes with one of the most tested proven to work ingredients of all times when it comes to muscle building, creatine monohydrate.

Ok, there are other supplements containing creatine, but what makes this one different is that the creatine is paired with L-Isoleucine and L-Valine, meaning not only will you be pumping your muscles full of energy, you will also optimize your protein intake, cut your rest periods and get rid of all the body fat that is hiding your muscles.

The fact is, that this combination of ingredients makes it possible for you to gain up to 35% more muscles in as little as 30 days.

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The Benefits

So what benefits to expect when taking My Beast Power Muscle Enhancer? Below you will find some of the most crucial ones!

  • Increase muscle mass and strength
  • Cut your recovery time between sets and works
  • Be able to burn off the body fat hiding your muscle definition
  • Load your muscles with anaerobic energy for heavier lifting
  • Get a better uptake of proteins into your muscles
  • Improve your athletic performance and endurance

Why Use My Beast Power Muscle Enhancer?

There are three different scenarios why you want to get started using My Beast Power Muscle Enhancer.

The first one is if you are just starting out building muscle mass and you want to get the fastest results possible. You deserve to get some good gains from your workouts, now when you have started out. Here My Beast Power is the perfect supplement that can give you some fast solid results without jeopardizing your health using anabolic steroids. For guys who want to see fast results, it is not enough just to eat proteins and lift weights. You have to optimize your muscles so they will respond positively to the extra load you are putting on them.

The second scenario is the guy who has been working out for quite some time but is not getting any more lean muscles and strength. Here My Beast Power muscle enhancement supplement is the perfect choice when you want to overcome a plateau where you are not progressing with your muscle building results.

Finally, there is the scenario where you want to push yourself harder for a period of time. Structure your workouts with cycles is a great way to maintain progression in your muscle building. Also here, My Beast Power Muscle Enhancer is a great help for you.

So how is all this possible? It all boils down to the ingredients which we are going to look at next.


My Best Power offers you 3 powerful ingredients that are based on scientifical proof and not gym locker room superstition. It is important for you guys who want to build lean muscles and strength.

Let’s have a quick look at the ingredients you are getting.

Creatine Monohydrate

Creatine is one of the most proven to work muscle building ingredients in existence. This compound fills your muscles with anaerobic energy so you can push the harder for a longer period of time without getting fatigued. At the same time creating will optimize the uptake of proteins into your muscles

At the same time, creatine monohydrate will optimize the uptake of proteins into your muscles so you can rest assure that your muscles have all the amino acid it needs for recovery and muscle growth.


Cut your recovery times in half! Both when it comes to rest time you need in between sets and also your gym workouts.

Getting L-Isoleucine will ensure that you will be ready for your next gym workout faster than ever.


One thing is to build lean muscles and getting bigger. Another issue which can be difficult for many guys is to get shredded by cutting away all the fat that is hiding your muscle definition. Here L-Valine is a great ingredient that will boost your metabolism and make you burn off the body fat surrounding your muscles.

Using My Beast Power With Other Muscle Supplements

Remember, you don’t have to if you are on a budget because My Beast Power is very effective on its own, and will give you some great results.

To get the most out of the My Beast Power ingredients it can be a good idea to use a Whey Protein supplement, especially after your workouts. It is to take benefits of your improve protein uptake that the creatine in My Beast Power is going to give you.

Combining My Best Power Muscle Enhancer with My Beast Power Testosterone Boost

If you want to give it a full throttle for a period you can with great benefit combine My Beast Power Muscle Enhancer with My Beast Power Testosterone Boost. Doing so will naturally raise your testosterone and make it easier to build lean muscles and strength.

Testosterone is a vital hormone when we speak muscle building, your sex life, and when you want to develop as a real man.

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How to Take My Beast Power Muscle Enhancer

It is pretty straight forward to take My Beast Power. Just take one of two capsules an hour before your workouts and you are good to go. Doing so will give you a good boost of strength because the creatine and you will be able to push yourself harder.

The Alternative Way to Take My Beast Power

Many bodybuilders and professional athletes are having a loading phase when taking creatine. You simply take two capsules of My Beast Power in the mornings together with your breakfast. Another two before your workout, and the final two before bedtime. Follow this protocol for like 7 to 10 days and cut it down to only one or two capsules before your training.

With this method, you will load your muscles with creatine so you will make them stronger, and you can push them harder with more endurance. It will give you some very good gains in muscle size and strength.

Run this cycle for like 12 weeks and then take two weeks off. The period of rest is important as well because your muscles also get creatine naturally from your diet.

Please talk to your doctor before running this cycle, it is not for everyone.

Any Side Effects

My Beast Power Muscle Enhancer is pretty safe to take. You will not experience any serious side effects. In some case, you may get mild diarrhea or bloating and constipation.

If you run my special creating cycle, there is a higher risk of getting these side effects.

If you feel pain in your kidneys, you should stop immediately.

What Are The Users Saying in Their Testimonials?

Let’s take a quick look at what some of the users of My Beast Power Muscle Enhancer are saying.

Nathan My Beast Power before and after picture
“After a few weeks of using My Beast Power Muscle Enhancer, I noticed major improvements in my body’s overall health. I have more stamina so my workouts are now longer and more effective. And I’m not as exhausted afterward.”

Ethan Reed, Lincoln



See what Logan was able to achieve using My
“TBH, I’m rather skeptical about taking any workout enhancers because of their dodgy formulas. It’s funny, but I wasn’t sure about your product either. Thanks for providing a carefully written list of ingredients! It really helped me discover an amazing muscle enhancer.”

Logan McKinney, Wabana

My Beast Power Review

Many bodybuilders believe that creatine is one of the most effective supplements you can use for your muscle building. On top of that, there a plenty of scientific studies available that creatine does help you to gain lean muscles and strength.

While you are at it! Why not combine creatine with two other power ingredients like L-Isoleucine and L-Valine? It will simply give you better results than just using creatine alone. It also means that you will get more value for your money when buying My Beast Power Muscle Enhancer because you are getting 3 ingredients in one supplement. Most often creatine is being as a stand alone supplement.

All this is really great for you and your muscle building and I am positive it will give you some good results if you are pushing yourself hard enough. Also, remember the importance of your diet. While you are using My Beast Power, make sure to get plenty of proteins.

When we look at the negative side of our My Beast power review, I would have like to see an ingredient like L-Arginine present as well. That way My Beast Power would not only be a muscle enhancer, but also a No2 supplement as well. Here you can consider a supplement like No2 Power Blast and get the L-Arginine.

But with that being said, you are way better off using this muscle enhancer than just a creatine supplement by itself.

Let’s have a closer look at our overall review.

Our Verdict
  • Overall - 8/10
  • Effectiveness - 8/10
  • Ease of use - 9/10
  • Safety - 9/10
  • Price - 6/10


– A simple but effective stack of ingredients
– Can be combined with other supplements
– Proven to work ingredients
– May give you good muscle gains
– Made in the United States
– Trial offer available

– Statements Have not been evaluated by the FDA
– I would have like to see L-Arginine on the ingredient list as well
– We do not know enough about the long term effects of using My Beast Power

How to Buy

Unfortunately, My Beast Power Muscle Enhancer is not available in any store. You cannot buy it at GMC, Walmart or online at places like Amazon. The only way to buy My Beast Power is at their official website.

They have simply decided to cut out middle men in order to cut down the price on My Beast Power.

Free Trial Available

Remember that you can sign up for your very own My Beast Power Muscle Enhancer free trial and feel the benefits with your own muscle building. Remember you cancel anytime by contacting My Beast Power directly. To learn more about how to get started click on the link below.

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