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About Me

My name is Martin Christensen, and I am the owner of this site.

I am a former personal trainer, and I have helped hundreds of people to reach their fitness goals. Not only when it comes to getting in shape and lose body fat. But also when it comes to getting bigger and packing on lean muscles and strength.

Over the years, not only as a personal trainer but also as gym freak myself I have gained a lot of knowledge about working out, eating for weight loss and muscle mass. And of course, supplements, which is a vital part of working out and getting in shape.

It is a lot of this knowledge I am passing on to you, with all my articles that you will find on http://www.musclesupplements101.com/.

My Mission With Muscle Supplements 101

My mission with Muscle Supplements 101 is to review and describe some of the latest muscle building, weight loss, and testosterone supplements that are available on the market.

You will learn about how they work, the benefits you are getting and whether they are worth your efforts or not.

A Specific Focus on the Ingredients

What makes Muscle Supplements 101 stand out compared to many other muscle building supplement review sites, is that my primary focus is on the ingredients a supplement comes with and not so much the brand name.

The reason for this is because many brand names primarily come with the same ingredients and are exactly the same. I find it more useful to focus on the ingredients because they are the ones that will make the difference in the long run.

Trials and Special Offer

Often I can offer you a free trial of the supplement I am reviewing. Other times a great discount, or just the supplement as it is.

Remember, I am not delivering the trials products to you, it is the manufacturer of the supplements I am reviewing. The manufacturer is responsible for the delivery of your trial.

Also, keep in mind that it the manufacturer that will hold your address and your credit card information. When you click on my special deals, and trial links you will be redirected to the merchant of the product I am reviewing.

Always make sure to take a look at the terms and condition when signing up for a trial.

The Articles

In the future, I am going to focus a lot more about writing articles with helpful tips and how-to guides.

A lot of the information I will give you is based on personal experiences and the experiences of professional athletes.

Remember, I am always double checking my sources to give you as correct information as possible.

However, bear in mind that the science of muscle building and supplements is a new ending development, what is right today, might not be right tomorrow.

I will keep my site as updated as possible.

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