Neuro Elite Now with Cognizin – For a Much Bigger Brain Boost

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Last Updated on October 16, 2019 by Martin

Neuro Elite Free Trial OfferNeuro Elite is the perfect brain enhancement supplement to take if you want to improve your overall brain health and want to get that extra brain boost that is going to accomplished difficult tasks and give you that extra mental energy that you need.

With Neuro Elite you are going to improve your memory your ability to learn and your overall focus. The good news it all starts from the moment you take your first capsule of Neuro Elite.

Before we continue you need to know that there is a free trial of Neuro Elite available. You can learn more about this free trial by clicking on the link below.

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Keep in mind, if you are looking to buy instead of signing up for a trial, you can Nootrogen at favorable prices. Check out this Nootrogen review to learn more.

Before learning more about the trial you can learn a lot more about Neuro Elite and exactly what benefits you will get from using this supplement on a regular basis.

Benefits and Advantages Using Neuro Elite

The greatest benefit using Neuro Elite is probably that you are going to get the effects almost immediately after taking your capsules. Like other supplements you don’t have to wait for weeks in order to feel the benefits.

Here you will start to get them right away and they will keep improving as long as you are taking Neuro Elite.

Lets take a closer look at some of the benefits you will get.

  • Boost your alpha wave magnitude up to 55%
  • Improve your processing speed up to 26%
  • Improve your memory recall up to 14%
  • Maintain and Improve your important acetylcholine neurotransmitter
  • Get all the nutrients, vitamins and amino acids you need to keep your brain healthy
  • Improve your communication between neurons in your brain
  • Get rid of stress factors that limit your focus and sleep

What the Neuro Elite Benefits Means to You

For sure it sounds good to be able to improve your acetylcholine neurotransmitters and getting all the nutrients your brain needs. But what does these benefits means to you in practice?

Lets go thru some of them…

Boosting Your Alpha Wave Magnitude with Neuro Elite

Boosting and improving your alpha wave magnitude will improve your focus and your clarity of thoughts. This will help you to accomplish difficult tasks. The answers and solutions you are looking forward will simple come faster.

Improving You Processing Speed

You will simply be able to find answer on complicated questions much faster. An improvement of your processing speed will also

Get a Better Memory Recall

Do you remember last time you were looking for answer to ask question, that was right there, but still you couldn’t remembered it? Improving your memory recall you will simply be able to get a faster access to your memory.

Maintain and Improve Your Acetylcholine Neurotransmitters

These neurotransmitters are among the most important in your brain. When they are present and healthy it will simply become easier for you to learn, stay concentrated and to memorize things.

Acetylcholine neurotransmitters work by moving information from one area of your brain to other parts, like in the neurons. The better this communication is, the better brain health and cognitive function you will have.

Maintain Your Brain Health with all the Important Nutrients

As for other parts of your body your brain also need to important nutrients in order to function the best possible way. We are talking about vitamins and minerals. But also amino acids and the important fatty acids.

If there is not enough fatty fluid available in your brain, it will start to act slow and decrease the number of neurotransmitters working for you.

Limit Brain Stress and Get a Better Sleep

When all your neurotransmitter levels are healthy and your brain is getting all the right nutrients it will become so much easier to handle thoughts that easily could become stress factors.

This means that you day, despite being busy will be less stress full which also means that you will get a better sleep during the night.

Sleep is a very important factor for a healthier brain.

Bottles of Neuro Elite

What is Cognizin®?

Cognizin® comes with Neuro Elite and is the patented form of citicoline which is a energy for your brain that will help it to stay sharp, focused and concentrated.

When Cognizin is present it will improve the communication between neurons and make sure that the levels of your most important neurotransmitter, acetylcholine stays healthy and intact.

Cognizin® and citicoline is used for Alzheimer’s disease, memory loss, ADHD, Parkinson’s diseases and other types of dementia.

Citicoline is also able to decrease damage on your brain when it is injured.

European countries are widely using citicoline as a prescription drug for all sorts of thinking problems.

Remember that in the United States citicoline and Cognizin® is categorized as a dietary supplement.

The Neuro Elite Pills Other Ingredients

The Neuro Elite pills are pretty stabile when it comes to the ingredients you will get with this smart drug. All ingredients comes with some scientific proof and has been carefully chosen because they work very well together in order to give you the best results possible.

Lets take a closer look at the ingredients.


Derives from the herb Bacopa monnieri and has been used for centuries in Indian medicine as a nerve tonic that will improve the health of your brain. Bacopin will give you several cognitive benefits such as improved memory and learning ability.

Bacopa monnieri are often being sold as a stand alone supplement but here it is all included in Neuro Elite, at the right dosage.

There also claims out there saying that Bacopa monnieri also can improve your libido and sexual function, but lets stick to the cognitive function first.

There are no known side effects using this ingredient.

Huperzine A

Acetylcholine is one of the key neurotransmitters in the brain. It is responsible for carrying information around your brain as fast as possible. Acetylcholinesterase is at hydrolase that breaks down and destroy the presence of Acetylcholine.

When you take Huperzine A it will reverse the effects of Acetylcholinesterase. This means you will improve your cognitive function and be able to increase your memory, focus and concentration. Huperzine A is widely used to treat issues such as dementia, memory loss and Alzheimer’s.

Huperzine A is a sesquiterpene alkaloid compound that is found in firmoss Huperzia serrata.

Docosahexaenoic Acid (DHA)

Is an omega 3 fatty acid that occur mostly in the human brain. Often it can be difficult to get an sufficient amount of DHA delivered to the brain, especially if your diet does not contain enough omega 3 fatty acids. A deficiency of DHA will result in a cognitive decline so it is important to maintain the fluidity of your brain just like it was your car.

Clinical studies have showed that DHA does improve memory and may slow down the progression of Alzheimer disease.

Neuro Elite Side Effects

Following the directions when you take Neuro Elite will not give you any serious side effects.

However the ingredient Huperzine A can cause cholinergic adverse reactions such as hyperactivity, nausea and dizziness. Issues like vomiting, diarrhea and thirst may occur as well.

These incidences are very rare and will stop when you discontinue using the product.

There are no serious repost found on the other ingredients.

Neuro Elite and Pregnancy

If you are pregnant and want to get started with Neuro Elite it is probably a good idea to wait until you have finished your pregnancy. Not because it is dangerous, but simply because this is an untested area. Better be safe than sorry.

It is always a good idea to talk to your doctor before get started to use any new supplement.

Our Neuro Elite Review

One great advantage about Neuro Elite is that it comes with Cognizin® the patented version of  citicoline. This ingredient is all ready well tested and with positive scientific reviews.

If you are new to nootropics Neuro Elite is a great place to get started. It does not come with a lot of ingredients but the few you are getting are well documented. This means that you can get your feet wet try out it without risking and negative responds on your body because the ingredients you are getting are already well known and tested.

A negative thing to mention though is that we would have wished the container came with 60 capsules instead of only 30. In order to get the optimal results you need to take 2 capsules per day. It is simply more convenient if the Neuro Elite pills contains would last for a whole month.

If that is a concern of yours and you want your dosage to last longer then check out our Addium Brain Enhancement Pills, Boost Your Brains Potential review. Here each contain will last you a month.


Neuro Elite comes with Cognizin®

The other ingredients are documented as well

There is a 100% satisfaction guarantee

Neuro Elite is made in the United States


Comes with only 30 capsules per container


Neuro Elite Reviews – What People are Saying

Neuro Elite are already been widely used by people who needs improved focus, concentration, memory and learning abilities. Here are what a few of them have to say.

N Fuller Neuro Elite UserI can honestly say that I did not expect to be impressed by this product so quickly. Well, I am. It’s only been two days and I notice a marked difference… I highly recommend this and I will be sticking with it!

N. Fuller


Barbara Happy Neuro Elite UserI tried quite a few other products which didn’t work for me at all, but none of them offered a money-back guarantee like Neuro Elite does on their website.

Barbara Abernathy


C. Jones a Happy Neuro Elite User TestimonialI tried this with a lot of skepticism, but that changed almost immediately!…I’m currently a graphic designer and my career requires me to concentrate while retaining most of my long/short term memory…Must buy!

C. Jones


Neuro Elite Free Trial

Neuro Elite is currently available as a free trial for a limited period of time. This is your opportunity to test and try out Neurofuse and feel the benefits this supplement is going to give you.

To learn more about how to get started with your Neuro Elite free trial simply just click on the link below.

>> Click Here to Get Your Free Trial of Neuro Elite Today <<

Get your free trial of Neuro Elite today


Also check out our review on Neurofuse – Get More Brain Power, Focus and Performance. This supplement is very similar to Neuro Elite but comes with more ingredients.

You can find more information regarding the ingredients and their effectiveness in the collection of links below.

There is lot more information about Cognizin at the company homepage here.

Also Wikipedia offer some great information regarding citicoline at this link.

If you want to learn more about Huperzine A you will find the Wikipedia information very use full.

When it comes to the potential side effects you may find in Huperzine A and want to learn more then check out this link. Here you will also learn that these potential issues only are minor concerns.

You can find a lot more valid information regarding DHA and Docosahexaenoic Acid on this link.

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