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Addium Unlock The Potential of Your BrainAddium is a nootropic supplement that will unleash all the potential power of your brain. Nootropics are the same as smart drugs. They are able to improve your ability to learn, remember and stay focused.

But you will get a lot more than that. Another benefit of using smart drugs is that it will give much more energy carry out daily tasks and you will be able to get things done much easier.

So if you are looking for a nootropic because you want to unleash your own potential? Then there is no doubt that Addium is the smart drug for you take.

With the Addium pill you will get all the right ingredients, proven to work. When you start take Addium you do not have to wait the effects, you will start to feel a difference within minutes.

How it Works and What You Will Get From Addium

Neurotransmitters are a very important part of your brain function. They are responsible for you not only to learn, think and stay focused. They are also responsible for your cognitive function and your brains ability to get and spend energy.

Neurotransmitter act as messengers. They carry information from one part of the brain to another part. The better they do that the easier it is for you to learn, think and stay focused.

When you get started with the Addium supplement you will improve the functionality of your neurotransmitters and this will benefit you in a couple of different ways.

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Get More Energy with Addium

Perform at your very best when you really need it!

This can be with projects at work, tests or other duties important to you. When you start to take Addium you will simply have more energy for your brain available. You will not feel you have to take any timeouts during the day.

Keep Your Concentration and Focus Levels High

Put your brain in ready mode. Think clearly and be able to process more data and information, faster!

This is what Addium will give you when it comes to concentration and focus!

Remember last time you were trying to do something important but your mind kept wondering away from what you were supposed to do?

Not being able to keep your focus and concentration can really decrease your effectiveness. This can give you some very bad consequences if you are sitting in an important job position or if you are having a test.

Addium will take of that problem for you. When you take this supplement it will get easier for you to “zoom in” on the task and get it done effectively and faster.

Optimizing your Brains Potential Up to 100%

When you get started to take Addium it will improve your learning ability, cognitive function and memory. This is done because Addium will stimulate the NMDA glutamate receptors which are vital to these tasks.

This is done by improving your brains neurotransmitters, where the acetylcholine are the most important one.

Another benefit of this is that your brain will become better to absorb and spend energy. This means the brains cerebral vascularity will be improved which will give your much more alertness and energy.

So how can Addium give you all this? It all comes to the ingredients that you will get with Addium.

Sitting on Top of Your Brain

The Ingredients in the Addium Pill

What makes Addium so unique and very powerful, when it comes to increasing your brain power, memory and focus function?

It is because of the ingredients you will get with Addium. They are all carefully chosen because they serve a purpose. A purpose to help you to optimize your brain function and everything that comes with it!

Lets us take a closer look at them.


Tyrosine is added because it will increase the production of neurotransmitters in your brain. With Tyrosine you will feel an improvement of your performance, memory and alertness.

Tyrosine is an amino acid that you get with your diet as well. But here the levels is not high enough to improve your brain function. Addium will take care of that.

Alpha GPC (αGPC, choline alfoscerate)

Alpha GPC is a choline that helps to optimize the brains cognitive function. It ensures that your neurotransmitters are working optimal.

Alpha GPC will also increase the availability of acetylcholine which increases your ability to remember, learn and stay focused.

Lower levels and disruptions of acetylcholine often leads to many memory and age related disorders.

Alpha GPC is a prescription drug in Europe for the treatment of Alzheimer but are also widely used to treat different types of strokes and dementia.


Over-excitement, for whatever the reason, can completely knock you out of focus and concentration. Inhibitory neurotransmitters are released when you need balance out any over-excitement and get you back in focus.

GABA is such a neurotransmitter. It will improve your focus and get rid of any anxiety issues you may have. GABA will help you to keep your concentration and high.

GABA can also help you to improve your mood, if you feel you are a little down. Depressions are often caused by low levels of neurotransmitters. GABA will help you to avoid that.

GABA is also used to treat attention disorders like ADHD


Vinpocetine will improve your thinking skills and your ability to find quick solutions on complex problems. This is done because vinpocetine will increase the brains blood flow. At the same time it will optimize the use of glucose and increase the ATP energy production within the brain cells.

This means that you will increase your brains energy levels when you take Vinpocetine. You will be able to work at a much faster pace and get more things done.

Bacopa Monnieri

When you take Bacopa Monnieri you will feel less anxiety and stressed. It will become easier for you to maintain focus and concentration. This is very helpful when you have demanding task, where you really have to perform.

Studies has shown that Bacopa can improve memory among older adults as well as young children. The children did not only improve their memory, they also improved their coordination skills.

Bacopa monnieri is widely used to improve memory and to get rid of anxiety issues like ADHD and Alzheimer’s.

Huperzine A

Acetylcholinesterase is an enzyme that breaks down the neurotransmitter acetylcholine in your brain. When this happens it will become more difficult for you to learn, remember and stay focused.

Huperzine A will break down this enzyme so you will be able to maintain a constant flow of all neurotransmitters. With this you will be able to not only improve your memory, learning skills and focus. Also your cognitive function will be improved.

Is Addium Real or Just a Scam?

If you do your own research online on the ingredients that you will get with Addium. You will soon discover that there are some good scientific proof behind the ingredients.

You will also learn that the users will give you a lot of positive reviews when it comes to Addium.

My Addium Review

I was first a little skeptical about Addium and I kept thinking about the movie Limitless about this guy who got his hands on these brain enhancement pills that dramatically improved his learning ability so he was ready to enter the investment market and make millions.

After trying Addium I did not make any millions and I did not feel any need to enter any investment market. But I did feel I got a lot more energy out of using Addium brain enhancement, I little similar to caffeine, but without the anxiety. I was able to get more complex things done while using Addium.

Often when I work my mind often keeps wondering away from what I need to do, then I spend time on other things because I lose my concentration. It was a lot easier for me to maintain focus and concentration when I was using Addium. I will use them again.

The only problem I had was that it was not good for me to take them on an empty stomach or combined with coffee in the morning before breakfast.


Good scientific documentation behind the ingredients.

Positive user reviews.

A cheap solution to your memory and learning problems

Safe to use with currently no side effects

30 days money back guarantee


We do not yet know the long terms effects of using smart drugs.

Addium will give you an easy fix solution that may not be good for you if you need to improve your diet and lifestyle.

Addium Testimonials – What Are People Saying?

Lets take a closer look at what actual users have to say

Addium User Testimonial 1

Addium User Review and Testimonial

Addium User Reviews and Testimonial 3

Where to Get an Buy Addium

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Addium Money Back Guarantee


It is also a good idea to check out full Neurofuse get more brain power focus and concentration review. This is a supplement similar to Addium but comes with a littie bit different ingredients you may like.

More information regarding Tyrosine can be found at:

If you want to learn more about Alpha GPC there are a couple of websites that you may find useful:

More information about GABA can be found at the following link:

Vinpocetine information can be found at:

Bacopa Monnieri learn more at:

Huperzine A information can be found at:


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